Divinum Auxilium - Divinie Assistance Academy

Come and Observe

Divinum Auxilium - Divine Assistance Academy in Front Royal Virginia
Observation is a very important part of our education as adults and parents, thus we welcome and encourage parents to take time to visit their children's classrooms. In the interest of allowing children the time to settle into the environment and a habit of work, as well as offering you the most authentic observation experience, we offer Open Observation beginning in November and extending throughout the school year.

Please feel free to schedule an observation appointment at anytime during a regular school or atrium session by contacting the academy at admin@divineassistanceacademy.org or (540) 631-0086. Additionally, the November start time and by appointment are meant to give all concerned the optimal observation experience and are by no means meant to be restrictive. Our classrooms and school are open to any parent of an enrolled student wishing to observe at any time on any day.